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Landscapes of existence, Landscapes of the period, Landscapes of Art
-to cover these spaces in total freedom leads to a new work.

When it comes to a new creation, I usually start my sketches by a point deliberately distant from the world I intend to depict. I thus make many detours before I finally come to the picture I want to paint.

I consider that my pieces of work should be the oucomes of my life experience. This is the reason why I feel the need to achieve countless sketches and take the time to convince myself. Through numerous outlines, I explore the history of life, from the origin of the universe up to the present, then I muse on the future and the condition of the world and mankind. By this means, little by little, I get closer to the world I ought to represent.


My work is made up of several series. While some of them have a direct connection to the previous ones, others function as a trigger and bring about a new sequence when the preceding work has come to a dead end.


As a person living in a forever changing world and society, and aiming at the creation of a holistic work of art, I think that, with time, it is necessary to acknowledge new sequences of paintings as much as it is essential to embrace the shifts of the world.

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